DAE Instrument

Prepaid Meters

LB500+ICR620L Prepaid Time Metering

The LB500+ICR620L is a smart card based prepaid metering system for central air conditioning that charges by the minute. It is designed for facilities and dormitories with an existing central air conditioning in place.

ICR520K-M Shared Prepaid Card Reader Metering System

The IC520K-M is a prepaid smart card based metering system that shares a single card reader with multiple meters. This is an economical setup that is suitable for permanent or semi-permanent occupants that each require having their own dedicated meter, but only need a single shared card reader. The meters can be hidden and secured from access and tampering. The card reader itself uses contactless technology and can thus be sealed to protect it from the elements while allowing user access.

LB1000+ICR620L Time Based Prepaid Metering

The LB1000+ICR620L is a prepaid smart card based system that charges by the minute. It has been designed for buildings or dormitories with existing central air conditioning. This system helps to inculcate an energy saving awareness to the tenant. This system can have different tariff rates for different types and capacities of air conditioning.

DEM520 Prepaid Meters

The DEM520 is a smart card based prepaid meter. It integrates the smart card interface unit into the same enclosure as the basic revenue sub meter. The DEM520 is for single phase applications.

ICR815L Pay-As-You-Go Metering
ICR815L with DEM510

The ICR815L is a pay-as-you-go smart card metering solution. It consists of two parts - the energy meter and the smart card interface unit. A variety of models can be chosen for the energy meter, while the smart card interface unit is common. This split type design allows the meter to be placed securely within a locked panel, while the smart card interface unit can be placed in a location for convenient access.